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Hot Spring Spa Treatments: Luxury or Necessity?

The concept of the spa has evolved dramatically in the last few decades; as our disposable income has increased, so too has the range of our leisure activities. The idea of the spa is traditionally a place of relaxation, where people are able to enter a zone of calm and indulge in luxurious care treatments, such as facials and massages. Crucially, in the last few years, spas have become less exclusive to females, and more men have begun attending spa treatments as well. This relatively recent development has meant that the number of spas across the country, and the world, has been blossoming, as has the range of services which are being offered.

Historically, “spa towns” have been visited for health reasons, due to the healing property of the waters. The name comes from the town Spa in Belgium, which is famous for its hot thermal baths and mineral water treatments, known as balneotherapy and hydrotherapy. Although these spa towns are generally concentrated in continental Europe, hot springs in Himachal Pradesh, India have similar properties for hydrotherapy because of their high mineral content. The scientifically-proven medical value of these spas and hot springs has made them attractive tourists destinations, and popular locations for rehabilitation clinics.

The modern spa offers a variety of services, and is now considered as much a type of beauty salon as a place for relaxation and therapy. Common treatments include massages, facials, waxing, aromatherapy and skin exfoliation, and each treatment often involves a complex set of sub-choices. For example, spa massages are often more than the simple practice of applying pressure to aid the body’s muscles and tissues; the choice of massages in most spas is extensive, and may include the Chinese Zhi Ya massage (based on acupressure), Myofascial release (which involves freeing facial restrictions) and Trigger Point Therapy, which applies manual pressure or carbon dioxide injections into a “trigger point”, an area of muscle that may transfer pain to other parts of the body.

Among the most popular body treatments are reflexology or “zone therapy”, the practice of stimulating points on the feet and hands that is believed to be beneficial to other parts of the body; the “design contour”, which works to detoxify, firm up body tissue and re-sculpt the body; and anti-ageing body treatments which generate heat and increase circulation, making your skin appear smoother and more hydrated.

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Choosing the Best Hot Springs Spas in Himachal Pradesh

There is no better way to rejuvenate your senses than spending the day at the natural hot springs in Himachal Pradesh. Whether it is just a massage to relieve sore muscles from skiing or a day of pampering, a day at the spa is going to be a great day. If body treatments aren’t what you are looking for, spas can also have athletic facilities, shops and restaurants.

1) Spa Package Options

When headed to the spa it is important to plan ahead and schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Before the call is made though you’ll have to decide which treatments you want. There are many things to choose from; most spas offer a variety of massages, mineral baths, body wraps, aroma therapy, facials and waxing. Some spas even have athletic clubs, shops and dining areas.

2) Customer Care

The best part about visiting a hot-springs spa is the peace and tranquility that accompanies the day. You want to get away from the constant noise of every day life. Cell phones should be silent to keep everything peaceful, alcohol and tobacco should be absent to keep rude behavior and malodor from inhibiting a day of relaxation and children should be absent as a spa is an adult environment and would cause younger children to become restless and intrusive.

3) Convenience

Finding a spa with all of these things is ideal. The best spas will have all the above mentioned treatments as well as a full athletic club that includes a; weight room, cardio room as well as both handball and racquetball courts. They will also include fun activities for the whole family like miniature golf, some stores for a bit of shopping and a restaurant to grab some food.

The best way to augment your vacation is to spend a day at a spa. When choosing a hot-springs spa you want to make sure that they will have something for every member of your family. Whether it is spending the day visiting shops and swimming in the pool or just getting some world class food, your visit should leave nothing undone. Sandhya Hot Spring Health Care offers all of this and more.

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Hot Spring Tattapani

Bath in Sulfur Springs of Tattapani, Himachal Pradesh

There are some places in the world having many hot springs (like at Tattapani, Himachal Pradesh) where the water certainly boils when it comes out of the earth. Continuous flow of this type of water from the springs results in small pond-like formations nearby the spring. There are plenty of such ponds in the world.

The water is somewhat yellow-brown in color and it has an odor of sulfur. Some of the practical practice says that all kind of skin disorders including acne can be treated here. It is quite unbelievable at first glance, but it does happen. This is approved not only by local dermatologists but many people also support the truth that had beneficial effect of such springs.

Modern medicinal systems also agree that sulfur as one of the important products or elements that can be helpful treating acne condition. Taking bath in natural sulfur spring can help you not only in healing the acne condition but it also helps many other chronic diseases like rheumatism, arthritis, gout and many more musculo-skeletal disorders. All you need to do is to take regular bath in natural sulfur spring. An ideal period of bathing to get rid of these chronic conditions is nearly about twenty minutes. Bathing more than said period may make you feel dizzy on account of the sulfur effect and its powerful odor. You can also store this natural water in some bottle/tank or some container that can hold the water for couple of days. You can use this water for washing the face.

The most beneficial part of this kind of treatment is there shall be accommodation nearby the hot sulfur springs as they generally become the tourist place. For example consider Sandhya Hot Spring Health Care in serene beauty of Himachal Pradesh. You can stay in hotel for couple of days and can take regular natural sulfur bath in the Hot Spring Tattapani, which will be most beneficial. Many of the medical and beauty spas are now getting attention towards this type of new concept of natural acne treatment and therefore they are establishing new centers either nearer to the source of sulfur springs or are arranging to bring such spring to their places through pipeline etc. Such type of natural sulfur springs are now becoming famous for their efficacy in treating the chronic and stubborn disease those are not being easily treated by any kind of medicinal science.

Such places also benefit you in treating the acne condition in an indirect way. Meaning to say that stress could be one of the triggering factors for developing acne and such a pleasant place with nature’s beauty and gorgeous landscapes can make you merry and pull out your stress. Places like Hot Springs in Himachal Pradesh can rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.

Along with these natural ways to cure the acne, one should also follow the internal natural/herbal medications. Perfect diet chart is also to be followed. The combination of all these can be considered as sure-shot for treating the acne for acne condition and to keep your skin away from the acne if you don’t have them.

Hot Spring Tattapani

Hot Spring Spa at Hot Spring Tattapani Health Care

A Hot spring spa is similar to a hot tub. It is a way to relax your body and mind at the end of an arduous day. A hot spring spa can revive a tired and aching body. A hot spring spa works on three principals. Heat, massage, and buoyancy. When you come home at the end of a long day, and sit in a hot spring spa, you are treating yourself to not only a long relaxing soak, you are also being massaged by jets of warm water that are shot out of jet nozzles that are placed around the hot spring spa. By being immersed in the water, over 90% of your body weight is taken off of tired bones and joints, relieving any pressure that you may have. You are literally floating on the water.

The jets of water then massage you, relaxing tired aching muscles. The results are that you feel rejuvenated and ready to face another day. The jets are adjustable, so you can direct them toward whatever part of the body needs them most. Hot spring spas are also great for increasing blood circulation because the hot water raises your body temperature and that in turn dilates the blood vessels allowing better blood flow. Another benefit to a Hot spring spa is that as it relieves pain by releasing endorphins in the body as it relaxes. Endorphins are considered to be the body’s natural painkiller. All who own a Hot spring spa agree that nothing can compare to the feeling of total relaxation you feel after soaking in a hot spring spa.

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